Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things are happening!!

What a fabulous week thus far!! Yesterday I hung out with Ricky E., pal from SLC, had delicious food at an Italian restaurant and 12th and 9th in the East Village. Pictured below is our lovely dessert: chocolate moose and a lemon tart. Yum!!

Afterwards we went to Continuum Cycles, determined to pick out a bike. One of the bikes on the floor was a beautiful bike from 1980 that had been sitting in someones garage in Pennsilvania for the past thirty year and was in mint condition. and its red. I took it for a test drive, and when I returned, I bought it!! Of course they had to do a thorough a tune up so I picked it up today and rode it from Union Square in Manhattan back to Brooklyn; about 6 miles. Since I'm so use to mountain bikes, the light weight of this bike allowed me to FLY through New York!!

One my ride home, I rode across the Manhattan Bridge, since it was sunset, it was absolutely breathtaking. I'm getting really excited about living here and all the fun stuff that I get to do!! and now that I have my bike, it makes commuting sooo much faster!!


Rick(y) said...

Great view!

Candice and Keith said...

wow, thats awesome. Very cool bike. Retro is so in this season. Post more pics of the city, I love them.

Callie said...

Sweet bike!

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