Friday, May 23, 2008

I hate the DMV.

I spent 2+ hours at the DMV this morning, listening to people complain about how long this was taking and one woman screaming at one of the employees because she was in the wrong line. The thing that gets me, is that everyone KNOWS that the DMV takes forever so if you have limited time, don't except others to have any sympathy for you!! I don't know of anyone who enjoys the DMV let alone expects it to go by quickly. ITS A STATE OPERATED FACILITY!! of course it is gonna take hours uopn hours to do an actual 15 min worth of productive activity. So if you go to the DVM in good spirits, don't expect to leave that way. and if you go to the DMV grumpy, I assure you, you're gonna piss a lot of people off just by your presence... Enjoy your Friday!!!

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Candice and Keith said...

keith here - Amen Sister! I have to leave my gun in the car when I go to the DMV. I am afraid one day I will start seeing red and go postal. And now the government wants to take over healthcare. If they run it like every other government agency we are all dead. Viva Capitalism!

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