Sunday, March 23, 2008


I have had a fabulous winter skiing in the Wasatch mountains! I have been over 30 times and still have a few more times to hit up the slopes! I have had a lot of interesting spills and have, by the grace of god, have walked away from them all: from running over (yes over) a tree and have my ski detach and come and pound me in the head, to falling off of a 20+ foot cliff. I have also learned new tricks and have become quite the skier thanks to Chetti and Chase pushing me to my max!! I will miss the mountains being at my figure tips more that I even understand at this point! Thanks Utah for the wonderful snow season!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

While the cat stares.

it seems as thought I cannot do anything at home without the cat intently staring at me and whatever I'm doing just BEGGING for attention. she really is the single most high time requiring cat out there! but she is hilarious and her name, Gizmo fits her perfectly! she really is a gremlin!!

Her favorite past times are purring, she sounds like freak'n motor boat; meowing (more like talking to me, trying to get my attention or tell me about her day); sitting in window ledges; eating her very expensive cat food; chasing feather objects; playing with cheerios and milk caps; sitting on top of any human around; and being chased by Teeny's boxer, Bear

Welcome to my blog

I, Piper, have decided to start a blog since my move is very soon in the future. I want to be able to keep all my friends and family up to date as well as voice my opinion on whatever it is I feel. My inspiration: my sister Candice and her huddy Keith. I love their blog and look at it daily!! Not to mention its the only way right now that I get to see pictures of my precious baby nephew Remington!! Way to go Candice and Keith!!

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