Thursday, May 29, 2008

My love-hate relationship with New York

Things I love:

1-So much to do
2-Interesting people everywhere
3-Tall buildings
4-Big parks that make you feel like you're in the woods
5-Riding bikes is the quickest way to get anywhere
6-Public transportation is splendid
7-All the fun shops and restaurants

Things I'd classify more as "hate"

1-Native New Yorkers who think there is nothing else besides NY
2-It takes FOREVER to get anywhere
3-Humidity (I'm from the desert people!!)
5-Everything is so damn expensive.
6-Its dirty, VERY dirty.


Candice and Keith said...

My attitude towards native Texans is probably very similar to your feelings towards native New Yorkers.

Rick(y) said...

To be a bit moderate.. In my experience, the universe-orienting-around-New York-locals often don't ever leave New York or the tri-state area.

They're nice, and more open to strangers, as anyone else, though!

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