Friday, September 19, 2008

what to do, what to do

So here I am, at another crossroads... truth be told it isn't really a crossroads at all but more a a bunch of squiggles all smudged upon an uneven canvas and I am suppose to unscramble the mess and figure out what to do with it.  I've lived in NYC for just shy of 7 months and had my first visitors come last week.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I got to play a host and tourist of this fantastic city.  but at the same time, I realized how much I miss my cozy city of SLC nestled nicely in the Wastach mountains.  When my friends left, I thought it would be nice to get back into my routine, but I found myself sobbing once I sent them on their way in a shiny black sedan.   I wanted to chase them down and tell them to take me with them.  At that, I don't know what to do... is Utah really so bad?  What about Houston?  But I want the mountains.  I haven't heard from Vail yet... but i could stay in NYC???  Alone??  What should I do?  I have plenty of job offers in Utah that I could take, but wouldn't that be taking a step backwards?  Or would I be moving forward because I realized that there is no place like home??  what to do, what to do....


Carol said...

Oy! I count as a visitor too ya know! We saw all the touristy stuff together and I helped move your behind out there!!

Love ya!

Rick(y) said...

"Going backwards" just doesn't happen. It's fun to say and all, however, in reality lives don't do this. They don't even go forward, , it's just the tangling perceptive illusion of an all encompassing moment twisted into one line of experienced linear reality. Going back to Utah would only be a failure if you decided it to be as such. I'd miss you.. even though we don't see each other nearly often enough for you to really consider me a support out here and it's no doubt hard and would be still even if I was that foundation for you to build upon.

What's important to you, Piper? Whatever that is, is it worth the loneliness which accompanies the burgeoning first years here in New York? I'm still waiting to see what all of my friends decide to do. Where they decide to go and with whom, or not.

Home is where the heart is. Did you bring your heart with you? Is it slowly catching up? Loves. Take care of yourself.

Candice or Keith said...

Utah sucks. It is nice from a distance. Once you return you will be sick of it in no time. Come to Texas!

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