Monday, September 22, 2008

Friends! Friends! oh the glorious friends!!!

So for one whole week I had visitors in my lovely Brooklyn apartment!! Teeny, Emily and Chanda came and we painted the town!! Well just shy of it at least! It was very humid for a couple of days but overall nice weather. (Except for the fact that it POURED friday... plus I had to go to the dentist... ) but it was great!! We did so much and saw so much including, Empire State building (I missed that, due at the dentist, but my teeth are nice and clean!) Shopping like you wouldn't believe, Central Park, Boat Cruses, Elis island and eating like you wouldn't believe!! Delicious steaks! Amazing chocolate fudge! Great Italian!! On of my favorite things was in Chinatown searching for a bag for Chanda and getting lead a couple blocks by this tiny Asian woman, down a corridor, locked behind a gate, up pitch-black stairs (yes there was a point where I thought for sure I would die...) and buying knock off purses!! such a good time!!

Emily and Chanda

Little Italy
The Girls outside of Tiffany & co.
Statue in Central Park
Sept 11 remembrance lights
Teeny striking a pose (unintentionally) at the Central Library
Sign from the Brooklyn Bridge
This is one of few pictures of me... and I'm eating an apple...
Elis Island


Anonymous said...

You sure you want to leave all this beautifulness for UTAH? Bleh... ok whatever! :)

Piper said...

this beautifulness doesn't have mountains. and I love my mountians!! :)

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