Friday, September 26, 2008

Teetering on insanity

The other night I rode my bike to Chelsea Piers for gymnastics. I only intended on doing my normal class of just the floor, but then I stayed and did the apparatus class. It felt so damn good to be back on the bars and beam! I even caused a rip in my hand (were the skin literally rips), but I was able to do some old tricks and am excited to keep going and doing more!! After my 3 hours of gymnastics, I rode my bike home... an hour ride. Normally I don't think it would have taken me so long, but about 1/2 way across the Brooklyn Bridge, my legs refused to work. Its as if they said, "we're done Piper. Later." but my pride wouldn't let me get off and walk my bike, oh no. So I continued to pedal at speeds that even an injured turtle would laugh at, but I eventually made it up and over and safely home... I mean really, who does that!? Exercises for 5 hours while getting over walking pneumonia?? I do, that is who. So maybe I am teetering on the edge of insanity, but this much I know, I enjoyed every minute of it!!

Piper out.


Candice or Keith said...

you're my hero

Callie said...

I think this makes you certifiable! I wish I had your determination.

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