Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yoga to the Piper

So in my wanderings the other day, I stumbled open a yoga studio that is donation based. It is called "yoga to the people." They offer classes daily and ask $10 per class but since it is donation based, you can give whatever you like!

So I decided to give it a try!! I wandered my way over the the East Village for a 4:30 class, paid my dues, and began New York City yoga!!! Aside from all the strange noises people made when they exhaled (which I eventually get use to,) it was fabulous!! It totally kicked my butt and I left sweating and feeling refreshed! I intend to make this a weekly routine, once at least if not twice. Kudo's to yoga!!


Candice and Keith said...

Social worker, cat, girl, now yoga. My prophesy is coming full circle. Soothsayer Sano sees vegetarianism and an Obama vote in your future. Your decent to the dark side of political ideology is nearly complete. It's not too late! Come back! GiGi! Noooooooooo..

Candice and Keith said...

Damn Hippies! Love, Candice

Candice and Keith said...

live in nyc? coming to visit? come shop the brooklyn flea! it's a fabulous outdoor flea market taking place every sunday in clinton hill, brooklyn, with hundreds of designers, vintage and salvage sellers, crafters, etc filling the booths.

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