Sunday, April 20, 2008

all over da town

I have spent the last two days covering the entire city of New York and all 5 boroughs. My feet may just be permanently black and Carol has some serious blisters. Rick (and sometimes Y) has been kind enough to be our tour guide, food finder and ninja. I move into my apartment hopefully sometime this week and hopefully begin working sometime this week as well.

In summary, we have been to all 5 boroughs, Staten Island is not a point of interest for those of you who may be wondering... Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty from a boat, had the best bagels in the world, Chinatown, Canal Street shopping, Park Avenue hotel in which we stayed a night, most of the sections of Manhattan and all over the Lower East Side... twice.

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Candice and Keith said...

The variety of food available to you makes me extremely jealous. Make sure you eat lots of good Indian, Thai, Italian, etc for us! Send of pics of your apt asap! Not on camera phone...too blurry. We did enjoy the pic of the statue of liberty. You should get into photography and that uber cool pics of the statue for us.The boys have been utterly depressed without you to 'dub' them. Laters...

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