Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas, My birthday, a new year and cold, cold, cold.

I still suck at this. But lets give a brief overview of what has happened in the mountain town of Park City

Christmas was uneventful. I worked Christmas eve night at Ciseros, Christmas morning at the Marriott, Christmas night at Ciseros. You get it. That was my Christmas. Below is a picture of my hotel... pretty isn't it?

My birthday I went skiing at the Canyons, and had sushi with Teeny and Rocky at Ahh Sushi (half price sushi rocks!!) This is the resort that I have my season pass at. It's very big so its easy to find runs where I am the only one there! Talk about solitude!

The new year I worked. are we surprised??

Sundance begins this week and its gonna be great and exhausting between the two jobs. I'll take some cool pictures of that too!!

Oh and its been freezing, I mean like -6 during the day and it got to be about -23 at my house two nights in a row... Brrrr!!!!

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