Saturday, June 14, 2008

Water World?

So it rained today... wait no, rain is an extreme understatement. It was a wall of water. In the less than 1 block that I walked from work to the subway, I was completely soaked as in, I had just gotten out of a pool. As I pretty much slid my way into the subway, the people coming up, looked horrified to see how completely drenched I and several others were. In talking to my boss, she was saying how global warming is suppose to put Manhattan under water in the next 20 years? my reaction to that: well New Orleans should have been underwater historically speaking but we somehow managed to keep it above water even after mother nature ripped it apart. So I guess we will see... Is is possible that someday in the very near future that this will all be a water world? As long as I grow gills, I won't mind.

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