Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coney Island

My feet felt the Atlantic Ocean for the first time today. Didn't feel much different from any other body of water that I've felt. But there is something absolutely lovely about the ocean.

After a day of running errands and buying misc items, I decided to ride my bike the 8 miles to Coney Island to sit in the sand and stare into the ocean. The ride was nice and easy, not too many hills here in Brooklyn. And I got to see various neighborhoods that I haven't seen before... and lets just say I'm glad to live where I do. I got to Coney Island (not really an island actually, just a peninsula) around 7pm just as the sun had begun its decent down. I rode my bike out to the end of a pier and took some pictures (I forgot my camera so my phone had to do)

The above ride no longer is in operation because it had to many restrictions so basically no one could ride it.

A crappy view with my pieces of (fill in the blank) camera phone of the actual theme park from the pier.

The railing of the dock looking into the Atlantic Ocean.

I sat on the sand for probably only fifteen minuets before I realized that the sun was gone and I still needed to ride 8 miles home. I didn't get to stay to long but I got to walk in the ocean and sit on the beach. What is better on a Tuesday evening??

Coney Island probably isn't a very desirable place for many people. It is in a pretty dodgey area and lacks quality workmanship on the rides, which I guess is half the fun of the actual amusement park, the threat of sure death from daring to ride on the rides that probably couldn't pass inspection anymore. but a sunset on the ocean amazing, and for me, I don't need a fancy beach crawling with wealthy people and plastic surgery outcomes that make them look like a Spitzers choice. A beach with random people from random wakes of life and a full moon. Now that is a great beach for me.


keith a.k.a. Candice's Beeotch said...

I really need to send you a gun or two. Be safe you! Have you watched The Brave One yet?

Suzi said...

Piper! I totally forgot you moved to New York. Isn't it the most amazing place? I loved living there. You look like you're having a wonderful time!

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