Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This has not been my year... I have gotten hurt so much in the past 5 months that you would think I am accident prone or Bella Swan (sigh, no Edward).

In March I learned how to snowboard, I'm already an fantastic skier so i decided to do something humbling... and humbling it was! I was on my ass most of the time and as a result, I broke (or extremely bruised) my coccyx. I could sit for weeks and it still hurts if i sit too long.

Now May has been rather tramatic for my body...

After I got back from Houston, I was wearing my new shoes to work and it caused a small cut in the back of my right foot. Nothing new, nothing major, happens all the time with new shoes. Two nights later I woke up in an extreme amount of pain for a little cut. Over the next couple of days my foot puffed up so big that I couldn't bend my foot. Turns out I had gotten a serious infection, had to get a shot in the hip (holy hell that hurt!!) and put on serious antibiotics that made my very ill (lost 5 pounds in 5 days).

Then the antibiotics gave my an inchy rash all over my body. I couldn't even wear normal clothes.

Between that, I took a fall running at full speed because I told my body to jump and it didn't and I brused both my knees... My left one is still a little off.

Today I decided to go trail running. It was quite a beautiful trail and uphill. On the way back I was flying (do to the fact that I was running down hill) and I hit a edge just so and sprained my ankle. I was a mile in the woods and had to gimp out with a stick as my crutch.

I just can't win.

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