Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things I miss

Here is a list of things I miss in general... not listed in any particular order...
Mountains. Stars. Being in love. Grass, good grass. My SLC crew and B-town boys. Dancing. Gymnastics. Not having financial obligations. Different friends from my many different jobs. A grid for a city... it just makes so much sense. My mum. My whole family for that matter: Papa, Dani, Emy, Buddy, Callie, Candice, Dave, Catherine, Caleigh, Ryan, Frudder, Remington, Keith, Roger, Mulder, Mai Jai, Niles, Baxter, Oscar and Odi. Red Sands. driving a stick shift. The U...

ok this is getting depressing, off to the park!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cats and Dogs

Why does it have to be one or the other? People always ask, "are you a dog person or a cat person?" I'm both. so beat that. I grew up with cats and dogs... and birds and fish and hamsters. but cats and dogs have always been at the top of my list for favorite pets. Cats are independent and graceful and studies have shown that cat owners have healthier hearts, something about the calming effect a cat has. And well dogs, dogs are man's best friend! They are loyal and comforting. I would love to have a dog right now but its like having a kid, so a cat will do for now. But for the record, I will not be pegged as "a cat person" or whatever.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I want to believe

and I still do... I saw the X-Files movie today. It was like an episode. I liked it, but I'm biased because I LOVE the show. I've read reviews that it was terrible but I thought is was good.

The Dark Knight

This is not a blog reviewing a movie because no one out there cares about my opinion on the matter nor should you... go out there and see it for yourself!!! I mean it!! why are you still reading this really? There is a great Batman movie to be seen.

Ok so you are still reading, I feel the love. Speaking of love, I loved this movie. Superb acting (and yes, Heath Ledger is amazing, may he rest in peace.) I was a very dark film and I do not mean in terms of lighting, but in terms of the story line. There is no hope for Gotham. That is my review.

The End.

Piper out!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brookyn Bridge

Ah the Brooklyn Bride (bridge rather...). An architectural marvel and the longest bridge at its time of construction. There is something incredible about that bridge and about being on that bridge... except for the pedestrians. You see, it is actually quite simple that I find myself giggling at the un-complex nature of it all. There is a large white line painted the length of the entire bridge, one side for pedestrians, one side for cyclists; and on each side of the white line, probably every twenty feet, is either a picture of a walking man or a guy on a bike depending on the lane you are in!... Maybe this is a magical line? Maybe this white line is only visible to cyclists? Because NO ONE on foot seems to respect the cyclists (and believe you me there are plenty of us on this bridge) who are parading at/toward these careless pedestrians at anywhere from 10-20 miles an hour!! Now I understand if you are walking and would like to past the slow movers in front of you, that is fine, or if you move when you see a bike flying towards you. What gets me, is when a pedestrian (usually tourists or teenage punks; and believe me, you can tell) sees you coming, and does nothing about it... why?

Well other than the stupid people on foot, the bridge was a very nice experience. It provided nice views into both Manhattan and Brooklyn and there was a nice cool breeze in the midday summer heat. And it is less steep than the Manhattan Bridge. I think I shall ride across it more often.

Featured below is my version of the Sex and the City intro bit, and behind the arches is Manhattan. Pretty cool huh? (oh and... see the white line??)

Another view into lower Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge.
Don't mess with us in Brooklyn.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My B-Town Boys

When I was 15 I got my first job working at Gat y 8 Cin (Gateway 8 Cinemas with the lights that were constantly burned out). This theater was always (and I sure still is) corrupt in management, dirty, smelly, and all around ghetto. But I think I can honestly say that I had some of the best times there or because of that hell hole. It is this at theater, that I met the loves of my life, my Bountiful Boys. Dallen, Ryan, Robyn, Jeremy and Chad.

Dallen has always been someone that I consider my best friend. Someone who has always been there for me no matter what. Love you man!

Ryan is just an all around great guy; funny, caring, and always a blast to hang out with.

Rob is someone who I can talk with about literally anything.

Jeremy is just Jeremy, those who know him will know exactly what I'm talking about. (picture not featured, sorry jer) and Chad is the work hard play hard kind of guy.

For the past 7 years, they have been a constant in my life and now, Ryan is getting married!!! Guess I'll be in Salt Lake in December for his wedding!! I'm so happy for him and just baffled at the whole thing, this isn't the first time one of the boys married, but that isn't worth talking about.

We have all been there through thick and thin for each other and people have come and gone into our lives, but we have always been there for each other. I love My Boys!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


What is worse than being sick? Nothing when you are sick. I felt it coming on last night; took some airborne hoping to alleviate the problem only to find myself getting progressively worse as today went on. I blame the humidity. Turns out I blame the humidity for all my current problems. It is a good scape-goat.

Here is my week in review of my ever increasing dull life... leave me comments people.

Here is my dinner "pre" from earlier this week. It is chicken marinated in yogurt, rosemary, thyme, olive oil, pepper and lemon juice.

Here is the "post" pictures... and boy was it yummy!! (check out my lovely Ikea plate...)
here is my bike in the park... i thought it was quite a photo opportunity.
This is one of the many fields in Prospect Park. I spent 3 hours there the other day completely engulfed in my book, Eclipse... can't wait for the 4th book to come out this August!!! (I heart Vampires)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The most important room is done...

So it is taking me longer than I originally thought to get my place exactly to my liking, but I feel as though me room is about there... missing a few pictures on the wall, but I'm enjoying it! and yeah, I love my red walls, painted it myself... along with the rest of the friggin' apt.

My dream catchers featured below...

Isn't the exposed brick just lovely?
The below picture kinda allows you to see into the apt. It is railroad style, meaning you have to walk through one room to get to the next. On either side of the french doors out of the room, are two closets. I don't have enough closet space... I was spoiled in my last two apts, but luckily I have a storage space in the basement for all the things I don't need now!! Hurray!

And of course, one of the cat.

More pictures of the rest of the apt to come in the near future, stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A rare capture

So I was looking through photo's on my computer and found a few that I had forgotten about, and I stumbled upon this...It is my step-father Dave, smiling... showing his teeth.

Now this man is know for his simple, none-teeth showing smile, but I was able to capture Dave in a teeth smiling moment!! HAHA!! and I think he looks nice, so don't be afraid to show off those pearly whites Papa Dave!!

oh and I just threw this one in for fun... its cute...

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