Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brookyn Bridge

Ah the Brooklyn Bride (bridge rather...). An architectural marvel and the longest bridge at its time of construction. There is something incredible about that bridge and about being on that bridge... except for the pedestrians. You see, it is actually quite simple that I find myself giggling at the un-complex nature of it all. There is a large white line painted the length of the entire bridge, one side for pedestrians, one side for cyclists; and on each side of the white line, probably every twenty feet, is either a picture of a walking man or a guy on a bike depending on the lane you are in!... Maybe this is a magical line? Maybe this white line is only visible to cyclists? Because NO ONE on foot seems to respect the cyclists (and believe you me there are plenty of us on this bridge) who are parading at/toward these careless pedestrians at anywhere from 10-20 miles an hour!! Now I understand if you are walking and would like to past the slow movers in front of you, that is fine, or if you move when you see a bike flying towards you. What gets me, is when a pedestrian (usually tourists or teenage punks; and believe me, you can tell) sees you coming, and does nothing about it... why?

Well other than the stupid people on foot, the bridge was a very nice experience. It provided nice views into both Manhattan and Brooklyn and there was a nice cool breeze in the midday summer heat. And it is less steep than the Manhattan Bridge. I think I shall ride across it more often.

Featured below is my version of the Sex and the City intro bit, and behind the arches is Manhattan. Pretty cool huh? (oh and... see the white line??)

Another view into lower Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge.
Don't mess with us in Brooklyn.


Karol said...

God I love bridges. And God I love you. So it only makes sense that we should hang out on bridges together. Shall we pull a Miranda/Steve and arrange to meet on the Brooklyn Bridge at an appointed hour to reclaim our love?

(I just read what I just wrote and boy does it sound lesbitronic. Oh well, I'm leaving it.)

Candice or Keith said...

Very cool pics. Take more, you are a natural. Maybe times square, perhaps How are you liking the book?

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