Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things I'll miss the most

Well its down to the final days of me living in Brooklyn. And like it was in coming here, it is also bittersweet in leaving. Here are a list of some of the things I will really miss about New York.

~The sunsets. I can't explain it, but the sun sets differently on the east than it does in the west
~Prospect Park. An Oasis even in this overcrowded city.
~Not having to worry about a car. A luxury I'm sure I will never have again.
~The cornucopia of people. Even the crazies provided great amusement.
~The food. So much to chose from, at all hours.
~Black and White Cookies. Yum!
~Bike rides along the shoreline.
~Express trains.
~The attitude that everyone has, "I own this city!"
~Coney Island
~The opportunity to always do and see something new.

Only 4 more days in NYC... how do I feel? I don't really know...


Candice or Keith said...

Just when you think you're out of Utah, it drags you back in! There is no escaping it, you are a Utahn. Enjoy your remaining days in New Jork. I still think you should come to Houston, we'll slap the liberal right out of you and fix your lefty head.

Leslie said...

I truly envy that you got to experience living in NY in your youth. You will hopefully look back on the adventure and be really grateful that you had this chance. I would never want to raise kids there but I sure would have loved living there for at least a year during my college years. I look forward to hopefully seeing you soon here in Utah!

j & m said...

I'm so excited for you to come back to Utah! we have to get together before my baby is born while a still have a life :) have a safe trip!

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