Friday, August 15, 2008

Things that must go

One of my favorite radio stations X96, has a feature on the Radio from Hell morning show entitled things that must go... Here are some of mine for the week.

-people who saunter and take up the entire sidewalk (tourists.)
-loud cars outside my window
-people who talk on their cell phones in libraries.
-the cab that hit me the other day on my bike
-the math portion of the GRE
-the french
-people saying "hey baby, looking good" as I walk down the street, do they really thing that I'm going to turn around and give them the time of day? COME ON!!

Piper out.


Carol said...

hey baby, looking good

Candice or Keith said...

You know what else must go? You. You must go to Houston post haste! It is inevitable, now hurry up and get down here, your room is waiting for you.

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